B Minor Wine

The art of composing and conducting music, as well as the craftsmanship of grape growing and winemaking, are both considered to be expressions of human creativity and imagination.

By naming the wine “B Minor,”

our winemaker is drawing a connection between the art of music and the craft of winemaking and emphasizing the artistry and attention to detail that go into creating a great wine.

B Minor wine was established in 2019 with a vision of creating perfectly balanced wines to deliver a symphony in the mouth.

Our Philosophy

With a focus on fruit quality and minimal intervention winemaking techniques,

our philosophy is to make wines with distinctive characters and nuance that truly reflect the unique wine regions and vineyards from which they are derived.

B Minor wines deliver glorious freshness and accessibility in their vibrant youth, yet have been crafted to develop further complexity, elegance and harmony with time.

B Minor wine represents exceptional value, approachability, and quality.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.